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Chris Cornell @ The Astoria (16th May, 07)


7 October 2003
West Ham
Went to see this legend at the Astoria in London last night.... absolutely immense!! I was totally gutted when Audioslave split as I thought I'd lose my chance to see him and them live as he is an absolute idol of mine.
The gig was everything I hoped it would be and more.

Anyone else here a fan??

Is still hot as hell in the Astoria!!!

Played solo stuff from new album including You Know My Name, Arms Around Your Love, No Such Thing, Billy Jean and also a few from Euphoria Morning.
Also played around 5-6 Soundgarden songs including Slaves & Bulldozers, Loud Love, Black Hole Sun, Outshined and Jesus Christ Pose.
Plenty of Audioslave; Be Yourself, Show Me How to Live, I am the Highway, Cochise, Like a Stone, Doesn't Remind Me...

Crowd wanted more all night and he ended up doing 3 encores and played a little over 2 hours.
Absolutely everything I hoped it would be and more.... and you are right Tel, still the best rock singer around with the best voice in the world by an absolute mile.

Full setlist from what I remember ...

Jesus Christ Pose
Show Me How to Live
What You Are
Be Yourself
I am the Highway
You Know My Name
Doesn't Remind Me
Billy Jean
Can't Change Me
Loud Love
Slaves and Bulldozers
Arms Around Your Love
No Such Thing
Rusty Cage
Like a Stone
Black Hole Sun

Pic I found from last night....
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