Classic and purchased players



Hi guys I wonder if you can help.
On Pro Evo 4 my friends and I divided up all the decent players between us (inc classic and shop purchased players) and registered them to pointless international teams to create 'dream teams' for all of us. This time on PE5 we'd like to do it a bit differently with a "cost option". Unfortunately PE5 doesn't show the value of the player like the previous version did when you were in the edit function.
We've found a way to work out the price of current players by looking in the master league mode (negotiations option), however we can't seem to find any of the classic or purchased players.
Does any one know how we can find out a value for Cruijff, Maradonna, Pele etc?
Any help would be appreciated. :applause:


3 August 2005
u can find the value for them by shuttin up and stop makin up such pathetic past times and just play with players who arent retired, please
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