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Connection time out error!


27 August 2006

This is my first post here, i was wondering if anyone can help.
When i try to connect online, i get the message "Your connection has times out Check the connection status of your network device" Can anyone help me solve this problem please?

Your ISP: Tiscali
Your location: Clacton On Sea
The brand and model of your modem:Sagem f@st 800 E2T
The brand and model of your router: Addon ARM 8200

I am basically connection to my PS2 using an ethernet cable through the router to the PS2 slimline

Any help very appreciated!


Part Timer
21 February 2003
Make sure you have port 5730 open (by default) or whatever port you have manually redirected PES5 to go through. Sounds like thats the problem.

Just get to your routers configuration page and it should be easy enough from there.
Alternatively, this site should be of assistance: www.portforward.com
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