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Convert PS2 Option files to PC??


28 November 2005
Can anyone tell me how to convert a PES6 PS2 option files into a PC option file. I've tried various tools but they don't support PES6 files yet.



2 September 2006
You need a maxdrive or an xport to get your PS2 option file onto your pc.
If you have got a maxdrive you will have to convert the maxdrive option file to an xport file using "X-Port & Max Drive File Convertor" which you can download. Obviuosly if you have a X-port file you wont need to.
Also download "PESFan Editor 6"
Then using PESFan Editor 6 choose file/open & browse to your pc option file & open(can be any pc option file - default one or one you have downloaded.
then go to file/open op2 & browse to your X-port option file (PS2 file) & open that too.
Then go to tools/Convert OF2>OF1.
Then last of all save as - browse to your original pc file select it & save.
Put it in the right folder if not already.
My documents/Konami/Pro Evoltion Soccer 6/save/folder1
& Pronto you have a converted PS2 OF to PC OF.
Good Luck ;)
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