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Crashing on connect? PES4



Hi there,
Newbie here to PES4 so bare with me :)
After many hours tonight on the phone to my mate trying to get this thing to work and reading through many posts on here I finally managed to connect to my mates computer tonight using the default udp port on the PES4 settings (5739 or something like that) - however as soon as we connect, my client crashes back to desktop,If im really quick I can sometimes get to the team selection but then it craps out to the desktop. Even if I host a game on my own without anyone connecting using that port it'll say waiting for about 3 seconds then crashes to desktop. Now, it plays fine in single player so I can't imagine it would be anything to do with my graphics card/drivers, I did check however and they are all up to date.
After further investigating when I change the port under the pes4 settings to another open one my mate can't connect - yet I don't get booted out from the waiting screen.
It's all rather odd considering the rest of my online games which use ip etc have no problems whatsoever.
Anyone have any ideas?

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