Creating original team...


13 July 2003
Hi! I wa wondering if there is a possibility to create a team from scratch. My fantasy is to create a team with all the classic stars,maradona pele etc. is this possible?


4 August 2005
If you play through the Master League you can purchase classic players, as long as they've already been bought in the WE-Shop. You can then make your own kit for them and save them onto your memory card as "My Best Eleven" I think(even though I've not tried this myself). It's class having a team with Rooney and Cruyff up front!


4 July 2005
Its possible to create new teams, as i do it all the time:

unlock classic players
transfer players over to a tean
edit the team strip/colours/name, etc
start a master league with the team
And use the save "my best eleven" option
now you have a dream team that you can load and use in friendlies
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