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Crocodile Hunter dead...


Hooked on editing
3 June 2004
Team F, Other Leagues C
Steve Irwin the Australian Crocodile Hunter was killed by a Sting Ray barb that went through his chest. I knew his days were numbered. His antics were simply careless.


Bungie's Bitch
28 August 2002

The actual circumstances to his death are still not clear. We don't know if he was attacked or whether he was being stupid and trying to cuddle the Stingray. He was great entertainment but on the whole he took far to many risks. He died doing the thing he loved the most, but leaving a young family behind is the part I find the most sad.


Ban Master
27 December 2001
West Ham United FC
He will be greatly missed, as for being careless and taking too many risks, it was his choice, no one would ever of got closer to wild animals, so I cant say that he was being stupid, he was doing something he loved and was highly passionate about.


11 November 2001
Holio said:
He's a fucking legend. May he go and tickle crocs in heaven.
Genuine LOL. :lol:

He was a good guy but he was also a loon! How in the name of the wee man do you get stung through the heart by a Stingray, one of the most passive seacreatures there is!? I bet he was trying to give the thing a cuddle.

RIP mate.

Nick Cave

Wrexham fan for my sins...
10 July 2004
Non football league waste land...
Wrexham AFC
Yep good guy who made his fortune through some crazy and dangerous antics... live buy the sword... die by the sword or stingray... weird all of all the things in Aus' that can curl your toes up and let's face it he wound up most of them at some point or other... he had to go out that way!!

Did a lot of good work for animals though and will be sadly missed I'm sure... :applause:


19 December 2002
London & Milan
AC Milan
Poor guy. Was a funny character and his show was fun to watch. They say the sting was only the 3rd time in Australian history from a stingray and that he most likely died due to the puncture in the heart, and not poison.



Leoni Rossi
20 March 2004
Istanbul, Turkey
Galatasaray SK
I've watched too many shows/programmes on Discovery Channel when i was child. He was great. He made lots of risky movements. I thought that Steve Irwin will die with crocodile attack. Who can think murdering? RIP Steve Irwin.



Champions League
9 February 2003
Tottenham Hotspur
Top top bloke, he loved his work, the animals and entertaining folk with his unique brand of education & gripping TV. The world is a worse place without Steve Irwin, a true legend.


Hooked on editing
3 June 2004
Team F, Other Leagues C
He was plain careless. One time he was feeding a croc a dead chicken with his infant son in his other arm. Got a lot of flak for it.



im suprised it wasnt crocodile or snake but a stingray which isnt that dangerous!


League 2
15 September 2003
RIP my fav Aussie... You were brilliant in your day but such an unfortunate end... my thoughts and prayers are with you and your young family...
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