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Custom Camera Settings [PES 2019]


League 1
26 June 2005
So last year I far too long searching and trawling through posts to find people's customer camera settings. Now we have a thread to keep them all in!

I'm still messing about with mine at the moment but always intrested to see others It'd also be good to try and find settings which look like broadcast cameras at different stadia. Often, in the prem anyway, cameras are at different heights etc and it would add to the immersion.


16 September 2015
Real Madrid
Had a few games with the below which i've enjoyed. Camer is Dynamic Wide 6,0

I think I'll stick with this setting when I get my hands on the game. It's close enough so you can enjoy graphics but still you can see almost the whole pitch. Thanks for sharing!


League 2
17 March 2003
I haven't settled on a camera yet best for playing online. that one you posted looks good to use though so thank you.

I'm going to try this in a bit. I have been mostly using custom dynamic wide, or wide but haven't settled on one yet for online
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League 1
26 June 2005
:D nearly my settings. i play dynamic wide at 6,2! still not fully satisfied...
6,0 is a little to far off for me. i want to see animations and such more detailed.
I've been trying to find a good balance between distance and broadcast feel. I used to play mid range but recently enjoyed the distance more.

I'll keep messing for the next few weeks I think


League 1
31 January 2017
Still trying to find a comfortable camera as well, been trying everyone's in this thread so definitely appreciating all of the suggestions!


13 December 2005
I play using the Live Broadcast camera, but mostly because of how realistic it looks, especially with its unique ball tracking

But I'd be lying if I said I never wished it was higher and more zoomed out like most live broadcasts. Also waiting for Nesa's camera patch which will hopefully make that possible.


League? What league?
2 February 2007
Antiviruses usually have a white-list feature, where you can set files that AV should ignore. Have you tried that?


League 1
28 April 2002
The Netherlands
Mid range
Zoom: 7
Height: 6
Angle: 8

I am still making small tweaks in order to get that sweet spot where i am very close to the action but still have enough of an overview in combination with the radar. I also really like setting the angle high so you can better place and follow the direction of your shot.


League 2
2 July 2017
Copenhagen, DK
Tried pitch side 0-1-10 that B-man and others praised but it's too low for me, can hardly see what's going on at the far wing.

So I set it up to 0-5-10 which is a really good compromise in my view.
Before that I played with wide 0-7-6 which I also liked.

I didn't try online in the full game yet but in the demo it it wasn't possible to change angle in online cams. Anybody know if that is possible in full game?
(Mind you that in demo it was possible to change the angle slider in the menu but it didn't affect the actual angle when you played.)


9 July 2005
if you change any camera with the same values the custom will always be the same.

wide 0-7-10 it's exactly the same as pitch side 0-7-10


League 2
2 July 2017
Copenhagen, DK
Oh really? Didn't know that!
So the only thing I really changed from my previous set up was a bit of hight and angle:THINK:

Nobody with experience on changing angle in online matches? Does it work in full game?


League 2
18 September 2010
I can't make my mind up between these two...

Zoom: 0
Height: 4
Angle: 10

Zoom: 4
Height: 2
Angle: 10

I could do with an angle that went up to 20.

Just changed it to:

Zoom: 0
Height: 2
Angle: 10
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