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deactivate UPnP = less lag/latency?



I play a lot on PES 5 online, and have a good connection (ADSL 2+, with 14 Mbit / 1 Mbit)
Many times, I suffer huge lag and high latency when playing with other players (you know, when you feel your players are like elephants you're trying to control, when L1 selection takes too long, when your players make 2 s long pass controls, etc..)
I tried to deactivate UPnP in PES settings, and it seems that this has improved things a lot. Especially when both players deactivate it.
This has been also widely discussed on french PES forums, where most people agree with the improvement.
Did you know that?

I'be read that UPnP was deactivated on PS2 by default (??)

Your feedback is welcome


Universal Plug and Play
launch the settings program of PES, and look for it
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