Dead PC help


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27 April 2002
I have this PC that when i switch on it says on the monitor thats it has no signal

i have opened it up and the hard drive and fans all work when switched on and i have replaced the GFX card and it still dosnt work

also i have only heard a bleep once when booting it up so i dont think its even getting to the POST nevermind past it

any ideas guys?

Chris Davies

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14 May 2003
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Make sure the memory is in correctly, that usually causes these kinds of problems (memory sticks out, so it gets knocked around a bit). Also make sure the processor is securely seated.

If you know the make and model of the motherboard you can always look that up and see if there is an error-code section (which tells you what the beep or beeps mean), and if there is a BIOS reset jumper. I had a similar problem years ago and it was fixed by putting a jumper (a little plastic sleeve) over two jumpers for 15 seconds, which resets the BIOS completely.


Retired Footballer
27 April 2002
thanks for the reply JB :)

i fixed it not long after i posted.

it was the motherboard in the end but im still gonna try that bios reset to repair the other one though
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