Defending questions


League 2
1 April 2005
What is the defending like on the xbox 360 version? I hope to god it is better than WE10 which was piss poor IMO! Has the zone press & counter attack options been removed from the team settings ABC selection screen as it is in WE10? I hope it is back to the way it was in PES5! Also when I started playing WE10, it was obvious that Konami want to see more goals scored as i could see that in all the default formations, the backlines are all automatically set very high up the pitch and normally the defensive line is a fair distance outside the box whereas in PES5 they where always inside the box on on the 18yard line by default! I hope the same problem does not still exist in PES6! WE10 may just have the very bad influence on the future of the PES/WE series that i had hoped it wouldnt!
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