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Detroit Become Human


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7 January 2007
I dont know why there isnt a thread about this.
Just finished the story and yes it was just a few hours :P but to my surprise this game isnt like the Walking Dead or Beyond here indeed your decisions have weight and there are indeed multiple endings (a flow charts even shows the routes you can took). The very last game had this was Until Dawn but on a smaller scale.

On one hand its a brilliant game, on the other its a bit mediocore but only storywise. The Markus and Kara storylines are...pretty weak especially Kara's, while Markus has a kinda Ok one. However Connor's is absoluteley brilliant, there i got real Blade Runner vibes.

I tried to keep him as a machine all along, just not to care about other machines but only about the mission and to save human lifes. Well his priority would be the mission only but his first mission demanded to protect humans, thats the path i followed and that was his downfall in the end. But dont jump so ahead. During the some missions with Hank, Connor defended him and other officers against droids, also he even shot one of the stripper droids in defense after Amanda told him "dont get destroyed anymore" as he sacraficed himself so many times risking losing memories that would help the investigation.
Now at Kamski's place the game showed me the middle finger as i was wondering all along "nah there will be no way you can turn Connor" but then Kamski and his turing test showed up with the droid from the main menu and i just couldnt shoot her. Brilliant! But even after this Connor remained conflicted and tride to arrest Markus without success, up to the point where he tried to assesinate him but Hank got involved and threw Connor off from the roof because again Connor could not kill Hank in favour of the mission. Then Connor woke up again with a gun in his hand during the victory speech of Markus, there was the last chance but then i thought he proven to be a deviant now so i spared Markus. Then Amanda showed up to override his system and to kill Markus herself, thankfully i explored the garden before and i found already the shortcut Kamski installed in the program so Connor can free himself from Amanda. Oh yes and of course it played in that i made Markus not to be violent but a peaceful freedom fighter.

And i entirely skipped the Cyberlink Tower part with Connor, i saw about 0-10 percentage took this route with him. The Tower must have been an epic showdown but im still very happy with this smaller scale ending and with his inner confilct. He became a real boy withouth realizing, just like K in Blade Runner 2049.

The only weird and week part was Hank's 180 turn towards robots, when did that happen? Once he had thoughts about doing the right thing but it was outta nowhere or perhaps the reason was that Connor spared the Kamski droid? There should have been more emphasys on this.

So 1/3 is a pretty amazing storyline, and Markus story has to be happen to keep flowing what happens to Connor but as for Kara she doesnt even needs to be in it.
I think by now it worth the money especially with the replayability it provides ( i wont do it as it would be weird to alter my story) but at least you you have to rent it, i'd say its not more than 10 hours of gametime. Oh yes and its set during christmas so its a perfect fit for this time of the year.
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