[Discuss] Classic Teams Ranking


24 March 2006
in my opinion ;)

1. Classic Brazil
2. Classic Germany
3. Classic Netherland
4. Classic Italy
5. Classic Argentina
6. Classic France
7. Classic England


10 December 2004
Stoke City
1) Classic Brazil
2) Classic Netherlands
3) Classic Germany
4) Classic Italy
5) Classic England
6) Classic France
7) Classic Argentina

Argentina used to be a better side in it before the changed the squad around, now they feel too much like a one man side. I know they have other players but they still dont feel as strong.
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10 September 2003
1. Classic Germany
2. Clssic Brazil , they have best rankings but are those types of players are not the best for PES, too small, not so fast and not as good balance as they should have
3. Classic Holland


7 February 2005
1. Classic Argentina (If you include de stefano, otherwise down at 3)
2. Classic Brazil
3. Classic Netherlands
4. Classic Germany
5. Classic Italy
6. Classic France
7. Classic England


with klinsmann , krol in the defence , rikjard , gullit , neeskens and cryff
i think they are better balanced than classic brazil , however they are both good , on the other hand all others are almost equal .
1- classic netherlands
2- classic brazil
3- classic germany
and others are just the same
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