14 February 2006
i dont no has anyone else found this out but by pressing r2 when a player is right behind u or beside you your player dives.It doesnt always work but i have got many a free kick and penlty by doing this.It also works when you are going into a 50-50 tackle.Let me no if you have also noticed this and what you think of it


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21 February 2003
Re: Diveing

It's not actually a dive "button" perse, but if you know the ins and outs of the game you can win free kicks quite easily.

If you're running with the ball with someone on your shoulder for a while, you can win a free kick by simply trying to pass the ball a lot of the time, even if their is no one near you on your own team. Takes getting a feel for the game a good bit to know when it will work, but you can get good at knowing when it will work and when it wont. Quite handy sometimes.


30 March 2004
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I use that at times in order to try and draw a free kick. Don't really know why since I'm horrible at free kicks.. LOL.

I don't consider it a dive though. To me it feels more like you are pulling up short and stopping in your tracks then letting the over-eager defender plow into you and knock you to the turf.

I've successfully done it once inside the box and was awarded with a PK. The defender ended up with just a yellow though, no red.

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2 October 2005
Actually, R2 is the command to jump over slide tackles, but I suppose it could work your way.


Alex. said:
Actually, R2 is the command to jump over slide tackles, but I suppose it could work your way.
Yeah thats right. I think what chucker is saying is that this "function" is probably just a thing that happens which goes wrong for jumping a slide tackle.


24 April 2006
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I will be trying this! Its one of the features I would love to see implemented, a proper "dive" function. Its a part of the professional game, so should also be part of PES. But then, I'd also like a function to be able to pick the ball up and throw it at the referee when he makes a bad decision!!!
7 August 2004
They had this in another game, might have been a fifa. Hardly ever worked though as most of the time you would time it wrong and look like a complete tw@t when playing a mate. :lol:

Havent tried the r2 trick, although do know when i will be winning a freekick when passing and slowing down so i guess its the same thing.


24 April 2006
Manchester United
I usually look like a twat when I play a m8 anyway - you should know :D
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