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Do NOT ask for or post links leading to No-DVD cracks! Evo-Web warez policy!

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12 December 2001
Here they are again since many new users don't seem to care about reading our board rules.

Warez/Piracy Rules And Policy

1. Don't post links leading to illegal materials (e.g. game images, No-DVD cracks). This includes: No sites, no torrent links, no FTP addresses which promote and/or support illegal activities. This also applies to our Private Messaging system, of course. Don't think you can cover this up by being 'clever'. You simply aren't.

2. Don't ask for illegal materials. This means: Do not ask for any links related to anything mentioned above in our forums.

3. Don't PM other users asking them to send you or where to get illegal materials mentioned above.

4. No warez talk AT ALL!

Users breaking one of these rules will find themselves banned from our boards.

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