Do you use your 'own' team online?


6 December 2001
Either there are a lot of Brazilian Chelsea fans out there or a lot of people just pick the best teams going for their online games...

So who of you actually pick the team you support?

I choose Villa whenever it's viable, in fact the best match I've had so far online was Villa vs Tottenham, far better than any game I've played with the better teams...


9 August 2003
There must be shit loads of Brasil fans out there if this is the case. I played about 10 games last night and 8 times a played against Brasil. On the up side, I think I have learnt to deal with the bastards now.

Needless to say I can't play with my team :-(


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21 February 2003
Nothing is wrong with it, but when most people do it and do it ALL the time, then it becomes a problem.

Have a look at the match status screen when you get online and have a look at how many "Brazil v Milan", "Brazil v Barcelona", "Brazil v Chelsea" etc...

It gets annoying.

I wait for my opponent to choose normally, and then choose accordingly a team thats about as good as theirs.
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17 April 2004
North Yorkshire
If I played online I would pick Celtic, but if they weren't licensed I would need to pick another team because I love my real kits. :p

I'd probably go Barca otherwise.
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Ninja Samurai
2 February 2003
London, UK
For PES4 I used to play with Wales and played a bunch of matches against Brazil, Argentina, Italy, France. Some people just love to play with the better teams.

Stringer Bell

12 February 2005
If i was able to go online i do something like what Z is doing and pick average teams, it's so much satifying when you beat people who pick teams like Brazil, Barca and etc....


11 November 2001
I play on Xbox but it's a similar scenario. Not so much Brasil, more Chelsea, Arsenal, Inter, Juve, Milan or Barca that everyone picks. I try and hover on Celtic for a while to see if folk want to play with less 'star' teams, and sometimes they do but not very often. My current favourites are Lyon.


6 December 2001
Well if any of you fancy a game with some 'normal' teams, gimme a yell on PES. My name should be under my join date over there <----


9 August 2003
How does the ranking/points system work, does it take into account what team you are and what team you are playing against? (i.e. beating Brazil with Saudi Arabia would earn more points that beating Saudi Arabia with Brazil)


its a shame you cant use your own Master League team online that would make it fair for everyone!!!

But i always use Liverpool have always played with them from the start way back in the days of PSOne dont see if i should change now!


If I Choose Man Red and then my opponent chooses brazil I rip the network cable out of the back of my PS2 :) sorted!



10 December 2004
Stoke City
s1260018 said:
I usually play as AS Roma, they suit my playing style perfectly.
Good choice, I love to go in this order Roma , Valencia, Rangers, Man U , Depor and Newcastle.


2 August 2004
Yeah most people online just want to win so pick best teams.

I myself can't play online but even If I could I would play with lesser teams IF I could have their player stats correct but since playing with lesser teams usually actually means they're not even researched properly and have wrong stats even on their good players then yeah.. there'd be no point playing as them against likes of Barcelona/Juve because they're even MORE stronger in the game than your team let's say Spurs or villa than they are in real life! If ya catch my drift.

I'd love to have some online games though with proper Wigan vs. Bolton with good database online against someone though.. but too bad not possible and too many obstacles in our way :(

Just have to stick with ML and multiplayer.

But seeing as how I can't play online this won't bother me either! :D

I can just imagine everyone picking Chelsea or Brazil though lol..:mrgreen: would piss me off too!

Oh well those of you who can play online! Enjoy it! ;)
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Cymru Am Byth
30 April 2002
Cardiff City
I normally let my openent choose their team first and then choose one of their rivals or match up with one of their Champions League opponents.
I played against 7 different people last night.
5 chose AC (which was doing my head in). I chose Juve or PSV.
1 Chelsea & 1 Inter.
I went Rangers against Inter (Champ League opponents) but when I played against Chelsea the sly git chose a French side first so I thought I would too and then quick as a flash he changed to Chelsea. That also winds me up but he didn't beat so I guess that serves him right.

By the way, which team is Lyon within the French League? I wouldn't mind having a game as them.


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22 December 2001
Cascais, Portugal
SL Benfica
Lyon is Rhone, my team of choice against AC MILAN.
Well, I have played with Villa, Bolton, Fulham, Tottenham, Nancy, Marseille, Lyon, Livorno, Chievo, Udinese, Sampdoria, Benfica, Betis, Sevilla, Atletico Madrid, Cameroon, Denmark. And the big ones, of course.
But I tend to vary a lot.
Except when people run straight to Brasil. Then I pick France and I never lost against Brasil.
PLF, I would love to play more often with my team, Benfica, I it had the correct transfers and stats. Miccoli, Karagounis and Nelson are really missed. Have you seen Nelson play? People thought Miguel (now with Valencia) was good, but this kid (20 years old!) is a true talent, with Ac Milan already on the chase.. Not having the correct stats/transfers really messes online gaming..


2 August 2004
Yeah I know what you mean RicKs. There is nothing more disappointing than picking a team and controlling a player and for example expecting him to have a good shot or passing only to find oh crap Konami don't care about you team adn only AC Milan/Juve so his stats are totally unrealistic and crap.

Nelson does indeed look very promising. Karagounis, Liedson, Miccolli and many many many others from big 3 in Portugal need the right tweaks and well they'll have that in PLF data. Already got many Portuguese fans in there if you look... it wouldn't hurt me to have another one ;)

@SJP, Lyon is Rhone but even some of their key players like Malouda are unde-rated lol 77 acceleration!

But honestly once i finish the data I'll play with Bastia or Ajaccio against ANYBODY!! Because I don't mind being the under-dog and having lesser qualty players as long as my one or two players who are actually GOOD/talented at heading and passing for example are actually good at those things! :)

I quite often play Wigan vs. Arsenal, PSG vs. Sochaux, Mainz vs. Bayern Munich and games like this against my brother on multiplayer and it is extremely enjoyable anyways when the weaker teams players are also accurate.


I choose my own team online, which is Brasil.

Why can't you play with your own team? I play brasil and have done sine footie games were invented.

I'm proud to choose my team and country.

I don't mind if someone else plays brasil. I don't choose them because the team is good, i choose them for my country. is that wrong?

if so, then why do english play with England - who have improved in the game i think.

its all about playing the game and enjoying it for me - i don't mind if i win or lose - i just love to play the game - simple.


6 December 2001
If Brazil are your team then fair enough. It's Sunderland supporting Scottish people, who then choose Brazil or AC Milan that piss me off...
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