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Does the 360 wired pad work on XBOX?


13 December 2002
Everton fc
My mate says it does?

any one tried it?

i know is usb, but i have been told that that you can take the usb end off and replace it with the old xbox one thus allowing you to plug it into the xbox

just wondering if anyone has tried this?


Rooneys mentor
2 August 2003
well i have once before taken an xbox pad and changed the end with a usb and that works on a pc perfectly, so i dont see why it wouldnt work in reverse, my mate from essex has also done this.


League 1
12 October 2003
Groningen, Holland
How did you replace it with usb? And how would you do it the other way around?

Would you be able to use an usb converter on a 360?
You know...plug the smartjoy plus converter in the usb port of the xbox 360 and then plug a ps2 pad in the smartjoy plus converter and play pes?
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