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Downing and AJ get England calls



always been a fan of both... so yea, i have full faith that both will do well



Oak Hard
1 December 2003
I'm a big fan of Downing, it will be nice to have a real left-footed winger in the side. It will really help balance the midfield. I just hope Wright-Phillips gets a start on the right.

R Dubua

League 2
23 March 2003
North East ,ENGLAND
Well supposedly wright-phillips is going to start on the left and beckham on the right. But there was something somewhere that i read that beckham might be injured slightly and may not be fit so that would let wright-phillips on the right and downing could start on the left.

1860 London

I am not an england supporter but i think england's got a really good squad they should play a 4-4-2 with downong on the left, his a really decent player.
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