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Edited players


League 2
18 June 2002
Bolton Wanderers
is there any chance someone can do a step by step guide on how to register created players with club teams? I have read the manual (its a load of rubbish!) and still cant register my created players. Help please!


all you do is go to register player then scroll through the teams list and you'll be in edited players. you jst transfer him to want team u want him in.


24 March 2004
San Diego
There are two different columns where you can create players; one for international team players and one for club teams. You have to create them in the correct column. Then transfer player to team in register club player.


2 August 2004
So what if you create a player that is in a club in game AND a member of a national team?

I guess in that case it'd be best to edit him over an existing player no longer needed.
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