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Empty Stadiums !!


19 June 2003
Newcastle Upon Tyne
Playing the Spanish League on WE10.

First game ground was packed and a highly exciting encounter saw me, Atletico Madrid beat Villareal 4-2. So imagine my suprise when Torres and the lads ran out to an empty stadium !! Another "classic" ensued going down 5-3 to Celta Vigo. Next up was Real Sociedad away there stadium was fairly empty and to be fair they saw a fairly dull 1-0 from the basques (although the winning goal was a 35 yard volley). Next up Osasuna at home, you guessed it, stadium empty again. Those who did bother saw a 3-2 victory for Atletico with Torres bagging a hatrick.

And so to tonights fixture at home again to Valencia sitting pretty at the top of La Liga. The teams are in the tunnel, they walk out.........
............ the grounds empty !!!! What do I have to do ive scored 11 goals in 4 matches, have the Spanish lost their appetite for football.

Or is it another bug by Konami? Is there anything I can do?

Thanks everyone for the advice on shooting, Im finding it very rewarding now, Kezmans hatrick against Villareal was sublime.



Doubla R

13 April 2005
If you're playing on a low difficulty that can be it, even though I highly doubt it.. I don't have WE10 so I wouldn't know.. And what shooting tips are you talking about? If they helped you they might help me and many other people :D


The ML has always been like that, when i was Milan and beating teams all over the place i didnt get a crowd but then after i went up in the WEFA rank they were falling over emselfs to get in..


League 2
27 December 2002
It is truley the worst thing konami has ever done! and i mean that.

What do they think real football is like? The first game of the season is fuking packed and then for the second game the stadium is empty! is a joke.

And yes people will say, (YOU HAVE TO BE WINNING TO GET A CROWD) No thats not true. I can tell you that you can be top of the league by 20 points and playing at home, and you still wont get a full ground.

The most you will get is the 2 star home fans setting. And 1 star for the away team. Its shocking. Oh and for some reason Konami dont think that fans come out of their houses if its rainning! :-)

In we10 you never get any fans when its rainning or snowing. I played a top of the league clash against man utd. I was chelsea. it was at home and id won 8 games in a row. it was rainning and no one showed up. ha ha

Please can someone, Anyone raise this issue with konami! as it is killing the whole ML.


Football lover
6 June 2006
I finished with Real Madrid winner league cup, master league championship,WEFA championship (30 matches; 30 wins, 0 draw, 0 lost, 90 points, 133 goals, 27 goals) and last match i saw that ; just 30-35 % i have crowd on my Santiago barnebau.


Champions League
24 December 2002
California, USA
Liverpool FC
This truly is one of the worst bugs in Konami's game.
The lack of crowd ruins the atmosphere and realism of the match.
The silly ML format, and this along with lack of kits,
and the weird stuff in WE-10 gameplay has kept me away from this
game the last 3 months...and I'm not missing it.
I will wait for the PS3 and hopefully they will fix these issues.


4 September 2006
Chelsea FC
this crowd thing is a complete joke. even if the opposing team is not doing so well.. their fans will show up to watch a top team play against their team. away games for man u, chelsea and arsenal are always sold out in real life even if their team is struggling. once again. konami does not realize this potential in their games
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