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English menus?



has anyone translated or know how to get the menus in english


C Dub
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6 October 2001
Which menus are you after (Main Menus, sub menus?) and for which game?


Ninja Samurai
2 February 2003
London, UK
I don't think you'll get any.

All of the tools you need are in the editing section and most of them come with the patches too. All you need is a cd or a dvd writer. Get Fernando's V5 translation patch and read the patching guide to apply it. It's much simpler to do than you think.


Iago: Riazor's new star
16 July 2003
Riazor - A CORUÑA
I´ll use this thread because it seems suitable for my question. I know I can patch the menus to translate them to english, but, please, can anybody tell where the hell is the option to watch my replay saves??????

It used to be at the options menu, but now I can´t find it.

Any help much appreciated.
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