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10 May 2005
I am curious to know what happens.
who qualifies to the masters cup ..
it say on the help the winner of the d1 cup enters it. and then team that are eliminated from the european championship...
but what happens if I win d1 cup and am last in D1 league and i am relegated? and what enters the one who wins the D2 cup?
i am not in that stage but I am curious.


League 1
19 May 2007
masters cup i assume you mean uefa cup in master league??? i think 4th to 6th qualify along with the team that finished 3rd in the champions league group stages and about the cup. if you win the cup and get relegated you should still be in europe BUT we all know pro evo isnt the best for being accurate on these sort of things so i wouldnt know as ive never benn relegated on pro evo :P
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