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excellent site on winning eleven in Portuguese




they see this tip:

3- Choosing the ideal referee: (added in 12/05/05) Nobody can still buy the referee (well), but you can the ideal for certain game against the friends. Some types of juízes (referee), diverse nationalities and with criteria for different lacks and cards ones of the others exist. You can choose you decide it in "referee", in that menu that precedes the departures. It sees the table, number 3 means that the referee is little tolerant (he gives to more lacks or more cards) and the number the 1 the opposite, tolerates very and gives to few lacks or cards. Name of the arbitrator Tolerance lacks Tolerance cards Mario Pedrotti 2 2 Martin O'Brien 1 1 Jose Trueva 3 1 Johann Weikath 1 1 Francois Saraphine 2 2 Johan Jansen 1 2 Alberta Carlos 2 2 Cart White 3 3 Pierre Enume 2 2 Kazuki Ito 3 3 Tip: If you it makes many lacks, I will choose a tolerant arbitrator for the game. Now if its adversary has the craze to enter of stand all hour, places one of the little tolerant juízes. Its friend alone goes to perceive that he has that to maneirar later that somebody will be I banish, and there you already tá in the advantage. But more just he is informs - lo before... The Arbitrator, as well as in the reality, can make much difference in the result of the game.

The table was not good here, is better in the site
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