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FIFA & PES: Contrast & Compare


25 September 2020
I played the hell out of fifa 20 with os sliders, after buying pes 2020 and disliking it as it had gotten worse after the demo.

Having played fifa 21 with the ea play trial I took a gamble and bought pes 2021 and im so happy I did. Its not perfect but it fixed some issues from 20 I hated.

I've switched to full manual too and its converted the game into something even better. I now can't imagine going back to fifa in its current state. Pes for me just feels much more like an actual game of football

Anth James

22 September 2017
Someone bought me PES2021.

I've played one half and didn't turn it off in disgust. By recent standards that's a win.

Will investigate further later.

Seems very very strange not having AC Milan licensed in Pro though.
You're doing better than me. I can't get through a half on either game at the moment. Looks like it's PES 2013 and FIFA 16 for me for now...

Anth James

22 September 2017
To be fair I never went back to it. Finally started playing The Talos Principle instead.
I put FIFA 21 on yesterday, legendary - first 2 minutes I completely split the defence wide open with 2 passes and walked into an open goal. No resistance at all. Turned it straight off. Literally had the game on for 3 mins haha.


Champions League
10 August 2018
Don't take this the wrong way but why do you do it to yourselves? The game isn't going to magically change all of a sudden. Both games are hot garbage and have been for years now. This isn't going to change anytime soon due to the eSports scene, myClub and FUT.

I haven't even bought FIFA this year and I won't bother. I've decided that it's not worth wasting my time or money on the bullshit that Konami and EA think is acceptable now. PES 2021 is a demo. Master League has the depth of the shallow end at my local swimming pool. Team Spirit ruins the gameplay, which isn't even that good in the first place. FIFA's Career Mode isn't worth touching because of how easy it is and has been since FIFA 17. There's no pleasure to be had unless you're a myClub or FUT Zombie. Yes, there's a minority here who still enjoy PES and dip in & out, playing their Cup games or whatever and that's great if that gives you satisfaction. Personally I don't see the point in playing souless international tournaments with no feeling of achievement or progression - so even if PES's gameplay was good again, I wouldn't bother.

If you love football and have to play a football game, I'd stick with Football Manager or a good version of PES when it had interesting AI. Or even FIFA 16 with mods, or whatever.

But the modern football games are absolute trash.

It's just heartbreaking, man. To think of the excitement I had as a kid playing PES, at where I thought the game would be 20 years later.
This. Sums up how I feel so well. But I was at this point by about March of this year with these games - I've done the grieving, I'm now at the acceptance stage.


Champions League
11 September 2006
I'm so happy I've resisted to buy both so far.

There never was a risk with Pes, to be honest. Right from the moment they announced it would have been a season update. The things that were putting me off in 2020 are still there in full force- would make zero sense for me to buy it. After the watch of some good chunk of footage, I can say there were tweaks (even if minimal, in my eyes), but it's mostly stuff that moves very little for me.
They'd need to rethink A LOT of things for 2022, or all the surroundings, the animations and the graphics in the world won't make much difference. As it is right now, it's a soulless experience to me.

With Fifa I was a bit more tempted, given some of the new stuff they promised- but it quickly disappeared. The years go by and the struggle to produce a decent experience with sliders seems to get tougher and tougher, the blanket to cover this horrible junkies-based programming getting so short it's impossible to cover all the fundamentals with the meager options they give us. No midfield, stupid players, FUT gimmicks invading offline, animations that looks even more butchered and speeded up.. from what I read there maybe is more variety in the CPU teams approach, which is something I love to see, but is it really enjoyable when you have to break immersion every tot minutes cause your, or AI players do something that would have look nonsensically robotic even in early 00's?
With the single teams they lost in Serie A and the absence of Serie B I don't even feel like I'm buying a complete package anymore, which was at least one of the main excuses of the past years. So, to conclude.. in this moment, I truly don't feel the need to pick it up. EA don't even consider it "broken" so my hopes for something important to change via patches are practically zero. Plus I already have Fifa 20, which was at least decent with sliders.. would the will to play something on a similar vibe arise, I'd probably explore more this.

But as of now, every old game I touch it's fulfilling. Don't know if it's a reaction in front of all the shallowness of the new chapters.. but even for their flaws, going back in time I find fouls, midfield battles, individuality and all the other things modernity sacrificed on the altar of microstransactions.
I know for many it isn't a fix and I respect that.. God knows how much I'd absolutely love myself to have a modern game which respects football. But regardless, I think I'm done trying to force myself to like/play something which isn't even directed to me just cause it's new.
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2 November 2011
Liverpool FC
This console generation has been horrific for PES and FIfa.
Glad i'm out of gaming now but had to buy FIFA 21 for my dad as a birthday present so keep my eye on things.
Same every year, people say they wont buy it as the current years version is rubbish, they buy new one and are disappointed with it.
I know, cos I done the same every year!
Hopefully new consoles will improve the games but as its all geared to making money online I doubt it.
They aren't interested in investing in ML or CM as it makes them zero money. They would hate someone like me who used to play ML all year and not even bother to venture online therefore the game is no longer made for people like me.


23 December 2007
SSC Napoli
I am just waiting for next year. If there will be some real improvements that will only happen with nextgen consoles.


Retired Footballer
7 January 2007
Gotta be this year officially when both games are in the worst shape. Watched some FIFA21 offline gameplay, shocking. At least FIFA had some good years in the current generation but mostly at least it was a constant meh, which you could tweak via sliders. But this year? Two poor games, we hit rock bottom.



World Cup Winner
25 August 2006
Haven't bought any of the 21's.
Though I hated Pes 20 and had quite some fun with FIFA 20,that game is still shite.

New gen won't save or take anything fw,better graphics of course.
But FIFA has decided to go full kiddy game,so that game is lost,unless somehow the YT crowd decides it's cool with old school gameplay.
Otherwise,it's the same old shit for 22 and beyond.

Pes,no clue.
Guess they're trying to copy FIFA's succes as much as possible.
I'll be playing most games from next month in 60fps,and football games in 720p


8 February 2020
I had both PES and Fifa last year. I appreciated the gameplay Pes offered, making it feel more like a real game.

However even with mods on PC it never felt right to me. It was fun, but knowing I had to mod the crap out of it to enjoy it was a little tiresome. I'd get to the point where I do so much modding that when I loaded the game I was already tired of a

Fifa, has been fun. Yeah it's like the Call of Duty of football games, but I've enjoyed it, knowing it's arcade.

I do wish I was able to find more enjoyment out of PES. The graphics are incredible in some areas, and some of the players completely blow Fifas graphics out of the water.

I enjoy Fifa 16 from time to time still!


22 September 2019
I might be in the minority here, but I was happy enough with PES2020, got the season update and im really enjoying it, feels totally different, more responsive with a wide variety of goals, im also just getting into manual which is making it even more interesting.I bought FIFA20 recently on the store for around 6 quid, everything about it was good until I played the actual game, its just not close to resembling football.Ive been reading and watching reviews for FIFA21 and it seems like theyve made it even worse.
Exactly this, Far more responsive than 2020. So enjoyable to play and of course it looks good, player models etc. I've played football at various levels, currently work for a premiership club and although PES is not perfect, its the best playable football game out currently. Not perfect but enjoyable and thats what is important to me.


22 March 2017
Chaumont Switzerland
Olympique de Marseille
Okay... FIFA players since 20 are way too lethargic (may be earlier, I don't own 21 and I do not plan on getting it), but what's wrong with PES? Players are constantly sprinting back and force like no head chikkens. Cool down guys. Try to look at where is the ball, you might actually stand a chance to get it. Or your teammates might want to play a short pass for a change...


21 October 2011
United States
Chelsea, Spain
PES 2021 have issues, a lot of issues but miles better than FIFA 21. I am an honest and direct person and I thought FIFA 20 was better than PES 2020 and FIFA 19 was better than PES 2019 but PES 2021 is heading in the right direction. I just hope they keep this direction in PES 2022 with better ball physics, better AI, better animation transition, better physics system with physicality and fouls and better master league. I do agree that FIFA 21 career mode is better.
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