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Real Marid
29 October 2005
as you know(do you?) KONAMI have hidden some "ORIGINAL" faces in the EDIT mode section(edit
appearance),like Ballack and Oliver Khan.

anyway, i've tried to find some more "ORIGINAL" faces of popular players but i've found nothing! ,though i've found some really good faces but i wasn't sure about their authenticity.

well...here you get into the picture-i thought it will be nice that every one will write down some of the "ORIGINAL" that he has found. this way-we will enjoy from more realistic game with awesome face that just KONAMI know to make:D .

looking forward for yours replays.;)
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Real Marid
29 October 2005
Abhishek said:
Just check the Face afs map, you'll find everything
it's saying nothing to me:(

Androctonvs said:
There's a thread about the list of faces.
Check it out, yo!
link please? cause i didnt find anything.

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