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Fix Mode Addition Ideas


League 2
15 June 2003
Manchester, UK
I`m sure I`m not the only one who has played using "Fix" mode, taking control of just 1 player and playing matches as just them.

Why don`t Konami expand upon this idea to take it even further out in front as the best footy game ever?

My idea:

Why don`t they let you create a custom player, and start with a base level of skill points to distribute to your player.
You can pick his age or start at the default 16yrs old (defines career length)

Now you start at a low club and maybe have to impress in training before you get your first sub appearance etc.
Maybe there would even be interim targets you have to hit in training to qualify....as well as gaining skill points for the training areas you are doing (maybe they are preset for certain days of the week?)

When you eventually break into the team you would (obviously) try your hardest and you`d be given additional points depending on your performances in the game (passing, shooting, heading etc) as well as the points you gain in training.

Clubs could come in and bid for you, you`d get injuries, suspensions etc so woul dhave to watch your tackling to avoid a repeat of Roy Keane and the Champions League Final :)

Ultimately the goal would be to get to a big club and ply your trade along with the superstars, although by the time your a star I guess Ronaldinho, Beckham et al would be at returement age...which could be a problem...but anyway....

I think this would be a great addition to PES and would add so much to the Fix mode of playing, it would be like another full game inside PES!

This along with my requests for the resurection of the Scenario Mode would be my PES wishlist (along with better throw ins - why can`t you control the runners!)

What do you all think?


12 February 2005
The Hoops
cool idea, and like now pro evo have adidas as there boot logo mabye once uve broke threw to a club the likes of adidas or even a made up name could ask u to sponcer them by wearing there boots or sumthing like that. but does konami even read these things so we no its never going to happen:(


League 2
15 June 2003
Manchester, UK
I posted a week or two ago about help in accessing the data PES produces in its full time reports, but had no replies.

If I could get access to this data (score, scorers, injuries, shots, possesion and all that stuff) then I was planning to write a footy management game around the PES engine, which would allow you to manage your club and all the other stuff, and then play the games using PES5.

If someone was willing to help with this and I could get at the data somehow, then I would also like to write a game based around the fix mode, where as has been said, you could deal with sponsors, wages, contract negotiations, player of the month, player of the year, you could go on loan, top scorers etc etc.

I am at uni doing Bsc(Hons) Computer Games Software Development so the actual game programming wouldn`t be a problem, but getting the data from PES is proving tricky.

I`m hoping someone will read this (or my other post about 10 pages back by now hehe) and offer to help out - there are people in the community that know a lot more about the encryption and file formats PES uses than me.

Sorry for waffling :)


15 October 2002
Liverpool F. C
sounds like a game that came out in the mid to late 80's called "player of the year" or something and you got the chance to move around the clubs - could only play as the striker though - was good though - anybody remember it? think gremlin was the producer.


League 2
15 June 2003
Manchester, UK
It was called Footballer of the Year (and the sequel, FotY2) and you had to buy "chance" cards to get a scoring opportunity in the game.

FotY2 actually had preset tactics, and you had to get your man to the back post to nod it in, it was all in the timing :)

If anyone can help with the data problem I have, PLEASE get in touch.

Chris Davies

Chief PESsimist
14 May 2003
Tranmere Rovers
Hear hear. If you could make what you say you could then I hope you get that data really soon because what you talk about is exactly what I dream of for the WE series (that and even more management options, and lower English leagues).

Best of luck with this project!!


League 2
15 June 2003
Manchester, UK
Unfortunately it won`t be going anywhere unless I can get access to the end of game stats that PES5 spits out.

Sure I can code, but hex editing and pes5 encryption just aint my bag. :)

All u peeps who rip open PES every time its released, please gimme a PM or post here, it would be MOST appreciated.


League 2
15 June 2003
Manchester, UK
Yeah I thought of that too, woul dbe boring and a lot of time spent running around.

The plan is to simply have a management game in normal mode (you control all the team), when (if - due to data access problem) this is done, then it will only require a few changes to the management engine to allow for normal or fix to be chosen when you start a "management career".


League 2
15 June 2003
Manchester, UK
Where are all the bloody uber-editors that know about all this stuff?
Maybe this should be in the editing section....but last time I posted in there I didn`t get any replies at all...maybe 1 unrelated reply :(


League 2
15 June 2003
Manchester, UK
Yeah they are from what I`ve read, though I`ve only seen one small article about it.

Also, I`m guessing that it will use the (frankly) sh*te points system to buy players and leave out a lot of intricacies. I`m a CM/FM player so would like to add that level of detail (ie. as much as possible) to the game to make it more realistic for me and others.

I have been playing with Hex Workshop for the last hour or so, and no matter what I edit, the game always refuses to load the option file or the save game.
Bear in mind I`m working with the XBox version, and I have replaced player names with the exact same amount of characters.

ie. ROONEY -> ABCDEF or R O O N E Y -> A B C D E F

I`ve tried editing the option file and the master league save, and after editing both tell me theres an error and the file is damaged.

Any ideas?
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In Dubio Pro Alemania
14 December 2003
1.FC Köln/Celtic/St.Pauli
The gamestats where are you talking from can´t be save anywhere.only the formations and savegames are save by the optionsfile. pm some guys like kmochida, kchoice, waterloo or warpjavier, they know more about this files
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