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Football Clips & Pics!

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19 December 2002
London & Milan
AC Milan
Seeing as I often have football related videos that I want to show people while I'm browsing youtube, I usually have to think about where I can post it. I tried looking for a thread but there isn't really a general football media thread.

Anyway, the first thing I've got is this video... I randomly stumbled upon a Roberto Baggio video... and, jeez, I really rate him as one of the best products of Italy.

YouTube - 10 piu bei gol di Roberto BAGGIO

Second clip is this one - I also posted it in the Brazilian thread. The first kicker is ridiculous!!!

YouTube - Paradinha de Fred en el partido Vasco-Fluminense 14/2/10

If this thread gets popular, I can sticky it. We have something similar in the off topic section, but not for football obviously. So post anything football related!!!!
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2 August 2004
The video is no longer available.. :/

I actually want to see a good video of this cuz when I watched the highlights show, the tackle happened very quick and you could barely see much but then by the reaction and expression of not JUST Arsenal players but Stoke ones as well, you could tell something tragic has gone down! :(

But then they never actually showed the tackle in slow motion or replay to see what exactly happened. Might be heart-breaking and too hard to watch for some but I'd like to review it.

Hope Aaron gets well soon!


The Lions Of Bhosprous
20 April 2005

Abdel Kader Keita celabrating his goal.. :D

Galatasaray team photo after first ever Turkish team championship(in İstanbul League) picture with Galatasaray High School director and famous Turkish writer Tevfik Fikret..
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17 August 2006
Manchester United
All people from that era look identical. I hate old photos they're scary. It's like there was only 15 people on earth and they got together for every photo.


20 September 2005
Chatbox, Brazil
:LMAO: The formation 40-30-30, hilarious
gotta love Japanese TV its the definition of entertainment.

edit: seeing part 2 now, the corner is priceless

edit2: oh snap
the kids lost :(
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