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Footballers/Celebrities Resemblance


Attacking Midfielder
10 July 2008
Real Madrid
Hi, I noticed some resemblances between some players with other celebrities ..
so, I decided to open this thread to collect resemblances between Footballers & other celebrites ..

here we go ..

Karim Ziani / Wentworth Miller & Jason O'mara

Ambrosini/ Peter Stormare (Abruzzi in Prison Break)

Xabi Alonso/ Chris Vance

Ronaldinho/ Danay Garcia

Butragueno/ William Fichtner

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Attacking Midfielder
10 July 2008
Real Madrid
you're right about Rudy/ Ronaldinho, first time we watched the movie, me & my friends directly started to call him Ronaldinho ..

Del Piero / Bradley Cooper

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Justice for the ULTRAS!
14 September 2010
A.C. Milan-Crvena Zvezda
@Kanouté he has received the nickname Hulk because his favorite comic hero was Hulk and somehow reminds of him and look like him at the same time :P :D
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Niche Football
28 May 2007
Man Utd, Juve
Sudanese footballer Faisal Al-Ajab & late comedian Bernie Mac.

Ivory Coast GK Boubacar Barry & late rapper Tupac Shakur.

Michael Ballack and actors Mark Wahlburg/Matt Damon.

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11 February 2007
Fc. Barcelona , Juventus
I robot

susan boyle & hiddink

llorente (spain) & david of miguel angel

raul & bin ladem

berbatov is andy garcia
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Champions League
9 February 2003
Tottenham Hotspur
Roman Pavlyuchenko (Tottenham, Russia)
Cameron Diaz (Film Star / One-Time Spunktrumpet)
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