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FRAPS doesnt like PES - help



I am trying to save my highlights as a movie but when I press my f9 key the frame rates of my PES game drop from 60 to 10 and its like watching a strobe light.

Im not running anything in the background at all.

I have quite a powerful PC with an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, 3 gig or RAM and 2 x Raptor x's in a RAID0 configuration.

Anyone shed any light?


10 December 2005
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That's quite normal. When recording with Fraps you get a performance drop. But make sure that you don't have record sound on. This might just speed up your recording a bit.

A good alternative to Fraps is GameCam which doesn't slow down the PC as much and the recorded video is much smaller. Its major let-down is how unreliable the program actually is. When I used it for a while a lot of times the program didn't record even though I'd pressed the record key.
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Hi gunner, Got gamecam. I see what you mean. Its far better for performance but not as pro as FRAPS,

Thanks for your help m8. Ill be sticking with Gamecam as FRAPS is just unplayable and therefore not an option.
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