Free kick crossing – How to score goal with the head after a free kick ?



Hello everybody,

First guys... thank for your advises about the way to score goals with a crossing, it was really useful and I now score some goals with the head after crossing… with the use of the R2 to hit the ball with a lot of power…

But that’s the point right now…MY problem is now to score goals when I have a free kick really far (30 – 35 meters, too far to kick directly) or a free kick close to the corner point. I try to do a crossing to one of my teammate, but it’s 100% of the time useless, the defender win the duel… DO I have to use R1 or R2, stay a long time on the O button ?
What is really strange is that I score during corner but not during free kick…

Can you give me your advises in that kind of situation ?

Thanks in advance. Take care.


7 November 2001
Tromsø IL, Aston Villa
using R1+R2(freedom over movement)after the freekick is taken, sometimes pushes the defenders out of position, and makes better room when recieving the pass. Still learning We9. R1+R2 is something i use alot more now than in PES4.

The situation training has alot to offer actually.
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