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Google Earth


Retired Footballer
27 April 2002
If you havnt got it i suggest you do, i have to say its the best PC program i have ever seen

The way it takes you to your chosen destination is unbelievable. I was looking at the Grand Canyon and then typed Derby and it dosnt skip to the place it actually takes you as if you were flying there

Just get it :)

Oh and those who do post some one the intesesting places u find

ah i needed to add the word spectacular in this post as well when u look u will see why




Ninja Samurai
2 February 2003
London, UK
It's a great program to get lost in.
Check the threads about it at other pes sites for loads of stadia and more.


Retired Footballer
27 April 2002
i have the stadium part with 4500+ stadia in it

yeah i have been looking on the forums and theres even tours u can download
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