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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories PSP


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29 June 2005
Manchester United
they're just milking it now, next it'll be "Grand Theft Auto:sanandreas tales" or something like that,lol it'll still sell s**tloads though :)


it looks sweet im definately getting it it would be cool if they had multiplayer worldwide thing instead of the ad hoc thing


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13 October 2004
St. Helens, Merseyside.
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individual fingers!

it looks great, and although you can say they are milking it for all its worth, I for one would love to see San Andreas Stories


10 October 2003
Did anybody get it? wanna know how good it is? might get it. Let me know, maybe write a little review.



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20 June 2005
North America
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Some of it is kinda "just OK" but overall it has a better feeling then liberty city . i liked Liberty city stories MORE than san Andreas but Vice City i like more than Liberty cities but not more than Vie city


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6 February 2006
Newcastle United
I loved VC so i had to buy this.

The setting and music is great as i expected... the storyline ive no idea about... it seems ok at the moment but it has a Keenan and Kel feel to it with lance taking Kel's role messing everything up when they have it going good.

The soundtrack is great but i tiny step down (for me) from VC. It still has some classics though and the ads and chatter is up to its usual best.

The stations do seem to repeat around a heck of alot - i noticed LC did this and i assumed it was because of the psp or GTA3's coding... but ive heard the same lines over and over a few times and it has a smaller feeling than i remember.

Ive read its actually the biggest audio game though in the GTA series... but maybe its 100+ spread over too thin.

Seems like a great game though and im enjopying it as much as i did with VC - despite all of VC's bugs and this games bugs (like not loading the higher res textures fast enough and your driving on blurred roads and crashing into posts that haven't appeared yet)
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