Graphical Problems with Pro Evo 6


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12 May 2003
Manchester City
Morning all,

Last night i installed Pro Evo 6 but i'm having some really annoying graphical problems with it. I keep gettin what appears to be tearing on the pitch and some players, however this doesn't happen on cut scenes or replays particulally.

I feel it may be a problem with my graphics drivers, as i tried to open the ATI control panel but wouldn't load due to i will try and reinstall this to see if it fixs.

I've tried a few different resolutions and details settings but still get the same problem.

Is there anything else anyone on here could suggest?
I'm using:

Radeon 9600XT
2.2Ghz Athlon.
23" Samsung LE51 HD Tv.


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18 March 2006
Well, the obvious is Vsync. This would cause one horizontal line/tear across the screen, which might also be travelling up or down at a fixed pace. Enabling Vsync will ensure that the monitor refrashrate and the game refreahs rate are syncronized so that each frame is displayed properly.


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12 May 2003
Manchester City
I think i've sorted it now really - my drivers weren't installed properly...however my vertical refresh rate needs tweaking somewhat as i'm still suffering a little.


6 August 2006
I too got a problem with tearing, but Im not sure its "normal" tearing...its more like a line that starts at bottom/down at the monitor and moves slow up to top of the monitor and this give a tearing effect. I use FRPS and Im locked at 60frps so my vsync is on and working. I use 22" monitor and I dont think I had this problem at my old 19"


22 March 2004
I have got the same issue as weel. After having drilled down properly into the ATI CATALYST CONTROL PNEL (latest version 7.4) I have noticed that VSYNC is only available if you have a CRT screen and not a LCD PANEL. The VSYNC option should be found under Monito properties, Screen adjustements...
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