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green card

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League 2
16 March 2018
Arsenal F.C.
so, apparently there was a green card shown in a world cup game. some new rule or whatever.

not really sure what it means, any enlightment or discussion here about what you think of it?


11 August 2003
Welwyn Garden
Exeter City
The Green Card if can't be arsed to Google is basically a red card for the player but the team doesn't go down to 10 men.

So when a player receives a Green Card they have to be substituted.


4 October 2004
I'm not sure if that's any better.
How does the ref determine if it's a yellow or green?

Chris Davies

Chief PESsimist
14 May 2003
Tranmere Rovers
I'm not sure if that's any better.
How does the ref determine if it's a yellow or green?
Reading between the lines, a green card is a temper-related thing where the referee is thinking "you shouldn't have sworn at me / pushed that player / kicked that ball away, but it's too harsh for your team to go down to ten men for something that isn't a professional foul".


4 October 2004
It'll add to the debate. "Nah should have only been a green card, two yellows was harsh." etc etc etc...


Champions League
15 December 2011
Thinking about it I think a green card might be a very good idea for those cynical hacks and pull downs when a team is being broken on where it is entirely deliberate but is a long way from goal, sometimes even in the counter attacking team's own half. That would be a mini deterrent because that is really getting out of hand as a tactic these days and there's no value in the free kick for the team who were breaking compared to the situation that was stopped. At least this way, the team committing the foul may lose a key player that they have to sub or even if subs are used do go down to 10.


PES Puritan
28 April 2018
Red cards, Yellow cards and now Green cards. Jesus wept, if Claudio Gentile or Paolo Montero were playing today, they would get all three cards, a spell in rehab and sensitivity counselling.

Goddammit. :SHAKE::SHAKE::SHAKE:
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