I've played Pro Evo since PES2 and now playing PES6 but i feel like a total newbie! I've been playing in Master League the last couple of days but i can't do it anymore cause it frustrates me to death! I have won 1 game in 1.5 season. Now in the second season i've given up because my economy will never survive anyway.

* All opponents runs faster with the ball than i do without it.
* All my players trip at the smell of an opponent (why the fck do the trip so friggin much??).
* All opponents are perfectly placed all the time making the ball end at their feet in every 50/50 situation.
* All opponents have magnets at their feet. They can bump into me and continue with the ball. 3 of mine can bump into 1 opponent and he ends up with the ball.
* Only in my own penalty area odds are 50/50 that i will get the ball.
* If miracles happen and i take the lead the opponent will always tie the game, there's no other way.

Is all this because of all the shit players like Stremer, Hyulens, Castolo and others? I'm playing in the "normal" difficulty mode, can't remember what it is called. When i play against a real person i usually kick their asses. Against the comp he has so many advantages already set up that i just can't play it anymore. If i do i'll just wake my neighbours up screaming after my 30'th loss or tie in a streak with the computer scoring in added time.

Anyone feel the same way or do i just suck?
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Yeah it's pretty much the same as ever....This has always been the case with the scripting in all PES and WE games... sometimes tweaked less in some areas sometimes more... People who love the game, love it for these reasons, it's not a true football Sim, that's why the pitch and other areas are not accurate. You have to learn how to play this football type game... pass pass pass ping pong is the way, don't try to play as you would normal football or against a human opponent. The comp is always quicker, stronger and reacts faster. If you let all the scripting get to you, you will hate it!! I have played games when every loose ball has gone straight to feet, it's not a free roaming object and you have to remember that!! I think this is different on Fifa 07 on the 360 but not tried it. It plays a good game once you accept the massive scripting and the feeling it's all on rails, as someone put it you will get used to it!!

think game... not Sim!!


17 February 2005
@Nick Cave
I always play a Masterleague with Arsenal, Lyon, Valencia etc and there i play like a real Football Match. For example i use the same start formation with Arsenal like they do in the real Football. I play the same style like Arsenal and it runs great. But i agree when playing with Castolo and the other Konami players. Then it's very difficult to play like a real game.

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Loose balls are a joke - but as Nick says, it's always been this way. The way the opposition can just "absorb" the ball from your feet just by being close to you always drives me nuts the most - but without it I imagine it would be a ridiculously easy game. At least it inspires the "us against the world (well, CPU)" mentality that Fergie and José rely on so much!

My advice if it's doing your head in is, to increase or decrease the stats using the PES Editor. It won't solve all your problems but it might help you put some enjoyment back in.

Always make sure you know what the stat actually does before you fiddle with it though! And always make sure you write down what you've tweaked!


If they took out some of the Bullshit (e.g. the lame ass deflections which always go in favour of the CPU and Slow Defenders catching, pulling back and fouling Fast strikers!) then the game would be the best ever. But because of those annoying things and the new (Ball feels like its filled with Helium) shooting system its bloody awful at times!

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