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Halo Movie


10 June 2003
Newcastle United
The director for the Halo movie was announced t'other day... and it's some unknown guy by the name of Neill Blomkamp. Can't say I'm best pleased since I was hoping they were going to at least get a b-list director in for the movie. Now I kinda feel like it's just going to be another one of the typical rubbishy video game to movie cross overs (like Doom or Silent Hill) whereas before I had high hopes :(



out the window
8 August 2003
Madeira, Portugal.
FC Porto
Yeah I heard about it. Probably rubbish again.
Why the hell can't they make anything good when it comes to gamez-to-moviez.
At least Peter Jackson is in the crew. but probably it will be a stain on his career. Hope i'm wrong though.
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