Have just got my pes5 for the pc from play.com 2 day!!!


12 September 2005
how wicked was that have just this minute got it in the post from play.com werent even expecting it till saturday but hey!!! has eny body else recieved theres yet????its brill 1 thing i have noticed whats up with the crowd there not there till u look on the replay!!!


12 September 2005
yea i have must say its an improvement!!! its looking good much better then the demo alot diffenrent then the demo!!! its BRILL!!!!!

OHHHH BY day way Nathan Tyson 2 sign 4 Luton!!!


Shooto said:
So how do u play online? Do you need to log into some konami server? Or is Direct IP there?

There is no Direct IP option available

Mr Ono

9 August 2004
How the hell have you got it from Play now when they only shipped their stock out today?

Am I missing something?


27 February 2005
United Kingdom
I got a parcel delivered - it had play.com printed all over. felt like a DVD Case. I was all excited. Was my mums CD, but wait there is another parcel... Was another CD for my mum!!

Aparrently my order has been posted & dispatched, yet it isn't here? maybe Thursday will come baring gifts and sporting a copy of pro evo!

Bebeto 94

For the good of the game
9 November 2002
Liskeard, Cornwall
What the hell are Play.com playing at ??? How do some people already have a copy and others dont !! I pre-ordered mine so long ago i paid in shillings and still nothings turned up . NOT HAPPY


1 January 2004
fook i diddnt get it 2day either!! just out of curiousaty where do u guys live? question goes out to the ones who have it, dont state address, just what city u r in


22 March 2005
drunkenmonkey said:
got mine through a mate of mine from game.

Have to say its going back as i think its total garbage
When you post "this game is crap etc" wouldnt it be nice for the people reading it to have your opinion on why you think its "garbage"?

Please...dont post anymore you just wasted 5 secs of my life reading your pointless post.


You guys who didn't get PC PES5 today from Play... I'm still waiting fo rmy pre-ordered PS2 version that was released last Friday but has still yet to arrive!! Thank god for GAME and their return policy :)
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