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Whenever the ball goes up in the air from a goal kick, and your player goes up to head with the CPU, I tap A (going on the theory that holding A usually makes a controlled player 'press', and home in on the ball). Once you tap A, the player will automatically goes towards the 'x' marker, which shows where the ball is going to bounce. Once I do this, I also push in the direction towards the ball. What happens is the player will push in front of the CPU player, and then as the ball comes down, I then hold A, just like normal when you time your header. So in effect I press A twice - 1 a tap to get the player moving, then the hold down of A to actually head it.
I've noticed that the little tap of A before going up to head the ball gives your player the advantage, and I win 99% of headers.

Does anyone else do this? Is it something that us obvious or is it of any help?


League 1
4 April 2005
i experienc the same thing by useing useing R1 & diraction, for example i got chelsea, i croos the ball with joe cole, drogba misses the ball an duff comes insight the box for a volley by useing R1 & diraction, i scoored a few gools like that, does anyone do this
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