How can I rob the ball when someone's covering it?


31 March 2005
I'd like to know how can I rob the ball without commiting foul when somebody's covering it near the corner. The thing's that my brother stops any movement except turning around when I decide to attack him frontly. I can never get possession without commiting foul and times goes on without me stealing it the ball.

Thanx pals


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2 August 2003
I personally would just slide through the back of his player, if hes holding on to a 1 goal lead and time wasting, i would get frustrated, also you may be lucky to injur his player.

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3 December 2001
I'm not sure this would work, but if when you approach his man, you press R2 and slowly head towards him. You might be able to snaffle the ball that way as you're speed won't knock him over. I've never tried it - kicking the crap out of him is your best bet!


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26 June 2002
Southampton, England
If he is your younger bro and it's your PS2 then tell him he's not allowed to play if he uses that cheap tactic too early in the game.

If it's the 89th min+ then I think it's allowed.

Or as has been mentioned beat the piss out of the little snot!


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28 February 2002
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This could also be a good time to hold :square: to bring over a second player to double team him. That way you could cover two directions so it might stop him being able to turn away as he should just turn into the other player.


12 November 2003
Holding own square would most likely mean that the second player would run into the player with the ball, knocking the ball out of play.


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28 February 2002
Darlington FC
Only if you keep it held down all the time. You just want to bring someone else in to play to try and cover where he might turn to, then use the player you're controlling to try and get the ball.


2 August 2004
Yeah the trick is to do what Mart said and first use :square: to bring a 2nd or even a 3rd person INTO it but then always control him when he gets close cuz just holding :square: will bring extra help but wont mean you get the ball cleanly most likely by just holding it, your other player who is now joined the battle will either commit a foul or result in a throw-in but if you can carefully and precisely bring players extra help by use of :square: and then cleverly keep switching from him to your original player you wont commit that many fouls and can narrow his direction of passes/movement and ultimately dispossess him of the ball hopefully.


3 October 2003
hehee i have done this to people using adriano... he is impossible to push... but lighter players if u push X they can stumble...

but if he gets a freekick, he can just do the tap the ball option and keep it again :S
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