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How to be a good player and become better at it


8 May 2006

im a recent WE videogamer, my first WE was 9, i liked it a lot since the first day i played it.
the thing is, i dont think im getting any better, i rarely get to the opponents goal keeper and if i do i just blew it
the corners are useless againt the defense
free kicks bump on the wall defense

i like to play with japan, colombia, ukrania, cameroon
those are the teams i like, iplay usually againt brazil, argentina, holland, france, england

i want to beat those better stat teams with mine.

what do i need to make goal opportunities, have a powerfull defense and shoot the ball inside the goal, not outside

i myself dont watch soccer games too much, i RARELY watch one, i think this affects in some way, but this game i must admit its awesome and deserves to be played


14 October 2004
practise, practise, practise thats all i can say...i have been playing WE/PES since the SNES so you can say im a veteran and all i can say is that the only way for you to become better is playing the game over and over again...

things that help even better is playing against friends...human players are smarter and more unpredictable than the CPU, so that gives the game an extra difficulty star in my opinion...

so good luck with playing


11 May 2006
lazylen said:
practise, practise, practise thats all i can say...i have been playing WE/PES since the SNES so you can say im a veteran and all i can say is that the only way for you to become better is playing the game over and over again...

things that help even better is playing against friends...human players are smarter and more unpredictable than the CPU, so that gives the game an extra difficulty star in my opinion...

so good luck with playing
i agree.the best way to increase your pes/we skills is to play with friend. playing with CPU will never show you the atmosphere of real game. when you lose with cpu you're saying "its only a game" but when you are beaten by someon who is sitting just in front of you, you wanna play again and do everything to kick his ass:)


7 October 2002
A few hints from someone with 10 years of WE experience (since PSX):

- always play 5 stars or more (although it's the same) - don't settle for less. Playing at lower levels will make you adapt to some CPU concessions you won't find against experienced players. Deceptive? surely, but no pain no gain.

- work around the practice mode, specially posession. Practice posession a lot, play games in which your sole objective is to keep the ball on your side for as much time as you can, trying to break your own records. If the ball is on your feet you surely can't take a goal and you have the perfect basis to score one. (it doesn't mean that you have to play a posession style in the end, but you have to master the art of keeping the ball in your control).

- practice set pieces with the paciente of a myagi - corners and freekicks can really make a difference. Practice them a LOT.

- If (like me) you aren't a natural born ronaldinho in dribbling work out your tactics. Developt 2,3 main tactics for diferent contexts. Tactics can really make you shine. I can tell you I'm total crap in some tactics and brilliant on others. Tactics are the fastest (and possible most inteligent) way to jump steps in WE.. evolution. Work them out and find your own secret, the chess setup that makes you play better.


8 May 2006
thanks a LOT for your replies!!

yeah i know i have to practice but if i dont know what to practice doesnt make any sense.

im gonna try what Mauras said:

-practice ball possesion
-practice tactics
-practice corners and free kicks

a few questions though,

- how do i get the other team to appear at practice??? i cant seem to find this option at training mode

-tactics makes no sense at all, i have to press L2 to make them work??? or just press a button???

at free kicks/corners, i know the shot is influenced by the players foot, if hes left or right at kicking, when i aim to the defense wall do i have to shot at the opponents head or the space available between them???
i tried soo many shots without success.
on corners do i have to aim for a player or a space infront of them??

also, keep in mind i play with low stat teams, so free kicks for example are a LOT harder!!!
mann, i tried thiery henry to make a free kick at 24M and was beautiful the way he did it!!!!

shevchenko, nakamura, job and oliveira cant shot that good, hehe


''shooto miss''
25 October 2001
lo mate i've been getting back into WE games with the new version, heres some of the things i do to help me play better...hope theres something to help you.

For defending...i try to keep the shape of the team as much as possible, cutting off the passing lines, tracking the players and knowing when and when not to dive in is really important....also knowing when X button pressure is needed and when it isn't helps....sometimes it's better to just track the attack and nip in to take the ball without ever using X....other times, like when the ball isn't quite at the attackers feet is a good time to get stuck in with X or a slide...and tracking, then using a second player using [] to bring the cpu out to tackle is a good trick....all this comes with practice and eventually you get the 'feel' of which sort of defending is best in a situation...

some teams you might be able to press all over the pitch and win the ball many times, other teams might need you to be patient and soak up the pressure getting ready to hit them on the counter.

attacking....WE 10 has forced me to improve my dribbling skills from previous versions as i think in this latest incarnation, the AI is a lot better at reading and intercepting passes...PES 5 i remember through balls could be very effective, you waiting for your player to sit on the defender, then hold triangld and you could play a mean through ball even from the defence....you still can in this version but mainly only on a break or counter when there is space.

I never knew how important R2 dribbling really was til i decided i really needed to improve that part of my game in WE 10....and now i can see how the computer can sometimes just skip passed you, which using the D pad alone i could never do.

R2 dribbles, just sort of 'do' more things....they make a dribbler keep the ball under close control making it easier to weave past a defender or get one off balance....again this comes with practice, and depends on the moves you make, the skill of the attacker and the defender, and probably some luck too....i find using R2 allows me to turn defenders easier and keep possession, either giving me the space to get in on goal or opening up room to lay it off.

Other tricks like stopping the ball with R1 work wonders once you suss it out, eg when you are tearing down the wing but a defender is gaining on you...come to a sudden stop by letting go of the D pad and pressing R1, and the defender might just shoot past you giving you space to cut in.

Mix up the different speeds of dribbles to make space and put defenders on the wrong foot...once you start getting the feel for taking players on you will start to try the odd trick here and there :)

I like messing in WE games and this time i've had a real good go at it. At the moment i'm doing a master league and really trying to mess around with tactics and build a team and formation to use the players i have and have bought to their fullest so i've tweaked a few formations to try to get the best out of my team as it is....try that, look at the team you have, look at the players and their abilities and try to build around that, also playing to individual players strengths.


8 May 2006
I haven't played WE 10, but have played all the other PES games, and one useful thing to use in any WE/PES, is the player run-onn feature, which works like this, when in possession of the ball with either the fullbacks, midfielders or forwards, after you have tapped the pass button,:x:, press :r2: as this will make the player who has just distributed the ball do a forward run. This is particularly effective as it allows you to make decoy runs, and play a and good pass and move game, with 1-2's and one touch passing. If used properly, you can really pass the other team off the pitch and consequently make more chances.

Also, when running down the wing with a wide player, if the opposite full back is right next to you and not giving up any ground, turn and run the opposite way back to your goal, with the full back still chasing you and then, as your own full back makes a darting run upfiled, lay it off to him with a :triangle: through ball, so the opposite fullback will be played out of the game, and your full back will have a good crossing oppurtunity.

Plus, as mentionned before, it is important to keep possession, so knock the ball around your defence from time to time, and try and do passing combinations and little triangles, as eventually the opposition players will be pulled out of position, and you can then exploit the space, for example when passing it about, the opposite full back usually gets sucked and and pulled out of position, leaving plenty of space behind him, ideal for a through ball.

Finally, when in a crossing area, do the mid-height cross, :circle: :circle: tapped together, as it delivers a fast accurate ball into the box, whihc can be useful for volleying as well as heading.

In terms of defending, constantly switch player control as the opposition advances, and then use :r2: to jockey the other team and block thier routes, also limiting space. This wil make it really difficult for the opposition to break through, and will mean you don't have to slide in as much, giving away fouls and free-kicks in dangerous positions.
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League 2
13 August 2003
Go to a 5 or 6 star league (England,Italy,Spain etc.)Start a full time league with a favourite team. ( Like Arsenal,Chelsea,Man U,Milan,Juve,Barca,Real etc.)
In the beginning You'll will suffer.But the best way is to play a lot of matches.Dont give up.Just complete the league (all 34 or 38 games)
When you finish keep a record of your final classification.Start another season from the beginning.Than you'll see you are improving season by season.
For instance : 1st year : Played 34, Won 8, Draw 14, Lost 12 Goals 18-35
2nd year : Played 34, Won 13,Draw 13, Lost 8 Goals 26-29
3rd year : Played 34 ,Won 19,Draw 9 , Lost 6 Goals 32-23

This was only a assumption.But you will at least be playing 102 games in highest level and you will find out your self the best solutions.Tactics and game style.May be in your first season you'll avoid relegation but further seasons you'll be playing for the title.


iv'e been playing since pes2...the only thing i can say is to not play against the computer too much and to play against as many different people irl as you can but not one person too much.

its all about practice and variety....my sig shows what can happen.

good luck :)


8 May 2006
i`ve been playing 5star games against brazil, england, france, argentina using czechs, ukraine, and colombia.

most of the time i get 0-0 draw, i rarely win and some games i just get owned 2-0, 3-0

what ive noticed is that i have NO drbbling skills at all.
since my opponent team is really fast i run the ball with :r1: and they still manage to get the ball from me, or is easily taken away from me because with this button you kick the ball a little too far

is it better to run the ball with :r2: ???

i will try a variety of these buttons later as suggested.

but on what situation do i have to use these buttons??

for example, when running with :r1: near the golie he ALWAYS throws himself to the ball and gets it


League 1
9 September 2003
Real Madrid
my tip is play on level 5 straight away and get used to defending and then the attacking comes naturally. when i 1st played we10 i was getting beat alot because i couldnt get to grips with the defending but now defending is easy and i rarely lose


2 August 2003
Yeah, just practise. Try to practise things like one-two passes (:l1:+:x:), shot feints, through balls, counter attacks etc.

And you could be right that not watching real games affects your game, because you can often learn how to play the right way by watching how their real life counter parts play. You should also play your teams strengths, and be aware of them. If you for example have a 195cm tall striker, you should try to get the ball out to the wingers and cross towards him.


7 October 2005
Dolomite said:
- how do i get the other team to appear at practice??? i cant seem to find this option at training mode

Press start in training mode to access pause menu.
Chose "change formation" to get to the formation screen.
Press Start to get the cursor to the other side.
Chose the players you want to appear as your opponents on the pitch.

that's it :)
7 August 2004
use the radar, you really need to look at it about 20% of the gametime to see openings,runs,or freeplayers when stuck with the ball. Patience is also important when playing, dont rush the attack and definitly dont rush the defense, the comp will just dribble past you. Ive always done the same routine: Start with the challenge training and complete it (atleast till 4* but give a good go for 5*), then do a couple of tournaments (cups and leagues) on an increasing difficulty and then start a ML with the default team (the losers like costallo/miranda/etc) on 5/6* and just play till you start winning.

Also watch real football matches on tele, that helps seeing tactics, plays, styles etc.

And mix it up with games against mates if you can.

Been playing since the snes days so now i start at 4* and build up we/pes points to get 6* to start a ML. Im quite envious of you that you still find the game hard, enjoy it while it lasts ;)


7 October 2002
tiktiktiktik said:
use the radar, you really need to look at it about 20% of the gametime ;)

One of the WORST developments since WE5 and 6. In those versions the far view allowed a much more complete view of the field, making the radar an option and not an essential. The player with the best tactical eye would get the advantage and radar was a secondary option few used to pick (since it's so damned unrealistic, not even maradona have the konwledge of everything going on around him 360º through the entire game).

I hope in PS3, with better graph capabilities Konami move back to a wider far view but I don't believe it since WE has moved on to include more dribbling combos that demand any view mode to allow a proper view of the individual player.


8 May 2006
thanks zidane for the help!!!

yesterday i was playing WE9 with colombia against england, 5star difficulty and i won 3-0!!!
it was amazing, but mostly luck, 2 shots from rooney and beckham hitted the post.

and YES, this game is wayyy more fun to play it against or co-op with a friend!!


I would say practise practise practise. Use the stronger team first. Build up a feel for the game. Try to create as many chances as possible on 5-6 Stars. Once you get the hang of it, lower down the standards of the team etc. Playing with Friends is great and helpful too!
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