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How to defend shoot feint????


12 August 2005
Hi everyone,

I would like to know any tips how to defend :square: +:x: whenever my opponent makes this shoot feint my defender automatically tackles

Thnx in advance


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18 March 2006
If I am not wrong, I believe your player (that you are controlling) will only automatically tackle if you hold :x: (autopress). This atleast applies to normal shots where your player will try to get a leg between the ball and goal if you hold :x: at the moment your opponent shoots.

If you are referring to your AI-controlled teammates then I believe there is no real remedy.


to defend against shot feint just jocky the opponet hold square and like slowy back away from the attacker and i think he becomes impervious the shot feint not 100% though but try it!


I usually try to stand off if I think someone will attempt the shot feint. Because the feint usually pushes the ball some distance you can then take the ball away. That said this requires good knowledge of your opponent and they can always then not do it and simply try to accelerate past you. It is a difficult trick to defend against. If in doubt you can always foul with some big slides ;)


it's not a best choice, but i usualy used R1+R2+dpad in this situation.
Good luck!


12 August 2005
Thanks for replying guys, actually I find out that if you don't stay to close to the player it will not tackle automatically, so yes TRATIDA sometimes I use R1+R2 and that helps but as BRUTHEAD said you must also know your opponent, anyway thanks to all of you for replying I will leave this thread open maybe some new ideas may come around.
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