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How works the bootserver?

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7 November 2005
I want to know how the bootserver works.

How can i give boots from bootserver to my players?

Need i to do in edit mode? And wich buttons do i need for selecting boots from bootserver.

Can some1 explain?

Thank you.


League 2
3 May 2004
Similar to other modules that use map.txt, you put a player ID and the filename for the boot texture on one line, separating them by a comma. You can find out the ID for each player in the Edit Mode: the Player ID: text will be displayed at the top of the screen. Texture filename needs to be a pathname relative to GDB\boots, so you can organize your boots into subfolders if you want, or just have a flat structure with all boots placed in the "boots" folder itself. It's up to you.
Here is an example of simple map:

# Bootserver map

185,"adidas_00.png" # Barthez
186,"adidas_01.png" # Thuram
194,"puma.png" # Zidane
195,"adidas_02.png" # Henry
217,"Germany\adidas_yellow.png" # Klose
1791,"adidas_00.png" # Davids

or read the manual that comes with it ?

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