If You Have WE 10J-L or PES2007 can you:



stop me from having sleepless nights :( and show me any of the following players stats from the new Winning eleven 10 game or PES2007:

simone: WEshop
baggio: italian classics
signori: italin classics
basler: german classics
berthold: german classics
jorginho: german classics
babangida: dutch classsics
bergkamp: dutch classics

their names will be spelt wrong but you should be able to tell which is which. a picture of their stats would be great but if not just writing them down will be fine.
if you can help me you would be doing me the best favour in the world. thanks;)


no worrys guys, no need to reply to this, my good friend RuiRamos has answered this.

hes the best boyfriend i ever had:lmao:
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