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Football Freak

I love this game, I'm still playing it often.

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League 2
3 July 2006
It was a realy great game from 2 years.. tha best game that adopted tha mafia style in tha 30's.. even 'The Godfather' game which had been released lately by EA could not get close to 'Mafia' by one bit.. 'Mafia' was a realy great game


Leoni Rossi
20 March 2004
Istanbul, Turkey
Galatasaray SK
The best game for me too. I've finished that game for 3 times. Also, It has great graphics and much better than Godfather and GTA.

I hope they will make Mafia 2 for new consoles like PS3 and XBox360.


8 July 2005
Suomi Finland
Yep better than gta. It captured the mafia feel just right. You had to fuel your cars, there were speeding tickets... Story was great too.

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