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15 August 2003
After playing both fifa and pes for a number of weeks solidly, i have to say, pes is still the daddy. Been playing a season with Real Madrid, its been a fairly average season, its been challenging, but the realisim is there as always. Raul, struggling most of the season to hit the target, has been going through a rough patch, i then played recreativo and thumped them 7-0 at the bernabau. Its so realistic, Raul scored his first for ages and he seemed to be pepped up, indeed i wasnt nervous when controlling him anymore and he scored with a lovely flicked finish to get two and set up Ronaldo for one.

The games core gripping gameplay is still here. At first of course it feels stiff, no doubt due to the controller and playing fifas seemingly more mobile effort. But after a while you settle in again. And its not just that - theres deffo been more changes made to the mechanics. Afetr boosting the keeper stats up (as i always do as konami seems to dumb them down) keepers play well and dont make many mistakes, theres loads of new touches, new animations for controlling and shooting and for the keepers. i saw Diarra strech out his leg wide of himself to ull a ball out of the air that looked like it was flying past him. I've seen RVN slot some beautiful efforts intypical style and some silky skills by Robinho.

Of course theres still minor gripes, the 8 stadiums are not enough - however such is the graphic quality of the pitch and weather you never mind playing at the same 8 stadiums, they drip with detail and the pitches look marvellous and realisic in all weathers, much superior than the turfs in the ps2 releases.

Of course editing still miffs me, and the balls are pants really, but at least the aerow is in la liga, playing with it is very enjoyable in the spanish league and playing it on broadcasting camera youd thing it was on the telly.

So although i enjoy fifa, this is still the daddy for me by a long shot. If they fix the editing, get more licenses, add more stadiums and somehow 'loosen' the player feel, we will be comfortably entertained in the next gen life.



the 8 stadiums dont bother me as much as i thought it would. the way i see it, except for the entrance scene, you don't really see much of it in game anyway
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