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Konami Just Can't Help It !


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5 November 2003
onami Just Can't Help It !

They have to tinker with the game to help the cpu, in PES5 it was the constant freekicks for even the smallest contact with a cpu player.

Now in PES6, its the SPIN. Stick a foot in and knock the ball away from the cpu player and yes you bump and you are sent into a Spin and he get the loose ball. Any tackle on your player knocks him into this, I've seen my CBs over 6ft and 13st going into a small cpu forward or midfielder and your player just bumps off him and you are sent into this SPIN.

Why do they have to keep inventing these gimmicks to allow the cpu either time or possession to get or keep the ball, I mean they already have this with stopping the player that's under your control mid run or when a cpu player turn to face forward your player stops to allow him time, same with loose balls, the cpu players lift there feet to bring the ball under control and your player stops dead.

As for SC, why would any want to have to press 2 buttons at the same time to re-start a players, take it out and let the player(s) I already have under my control the the freedom to keep running.

That is bad enough but this SPIN the cpu players put you in anytime your on the ball when they tackle or the spin your put in when you tackle them is getting beyond a joke.


31 October 2005
KONAMI simply needs these "gimmicks" to disguise bad AI.
They need those wicky deflections 80% of the time in advantage of the CPU. They need to place your defenders 30m away from the sideline during a throw in.I can give you a hundred examples of AI cheating...
PES is like an interactive movie, you are part of it but the game decides when you're in or you have to use supercancel shit.

I don't say there's an alternative, because Fifa is even worse.
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14 July 2003
The same cpu help is in online play. Well it depends on what team u use. The teams with most cpu advantage are barca, manutd and inter.
Try choosing ac milan, that has no cpu advantage and play one of above teams, you will see what i mean.

Nick Cave

Wrexham fan for my sins...
10 July 2004
Non football league waste land...
Wrexham AFC
It's quicker and cheaper to keep all these little scripts in than re programme and given corporate Konami you guess which it's going to be?? Until someone comes along, not EA, and moves the goalposts Konami are going to continue with their Ray Wilkins approach.....sideways!!
At least with the last EA you felt that things had changed and they were actually doing something even if you don't like the thing, I get the feeling Konami come in a few weeks before each title is launched pull a couple of tweaks out of a big bag of possible tweaks they have done and stick em in...
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