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Lag on the PC version of PES2019


2 December 2013
is there a know issue with the PC version and playing on more than 60 fps?
I have played it on a laptop with a 60 hz monitor before with no problems. But when I play it on my desktop pc it lags when passing the ball, and after playing for about 30-40 min of an 12 min match it starts to lag like there is no tomorrow.

I have a pretty decent pc, 2080ti and a 7940x. Playing on a acer predator x34 3440x1440 resolution and 100 fps

anyone have any tips for me?


2 December 2013
I will try that! Thanks.
Is it a known issue?

But is there a fix for it, that not involves going window mode?


League 1
20 September 2016
I've had input lag issues in Full Screen mode since PES went to Fox Engine.
I don't know but Windowed mode+Borderless gaming works like a charm.


13 March 2019
Rangers FC
If its stuttering then this is a fix that works for me.
1. Open PES and pes CTRL + ALT + DELETE
2. Open Task Manger from that menu
3. Find PES Icon and right click and click show details
4. Right click the PES Icon again in show details and press set affinity
5. Uncheck your last CPU which in my case is CPU 7

Load up your pes game and you are ready to play

Note do this when you are in the game and do not close the app when doing this.
Also every time you restart your game you will have to repeat this process.

Hope this works for anyone experiencing stuttering as it is the only fix that has worked for me.
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