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Le Championnat


1860 London

Proffesor do you stay up until around 2am to watch french football on channel 4.

1860 London

On sky? I swear they don't do it on sky sports or something. Or do you mean eurosport.


30 December 2002
Fornier and Alain Roche have replaced him. They should have got rid of Halihodzic earlier, theyve no chance of making the CL places this season, their only hope is to win the cup and get into the UEFA that way.

Professor Nutmeg

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3 July 2002
Master League
Anyone watch any of the games this weekend? How about Dalmat's goal! What a strike. So close in the last minute too, Ebondo's long cross to Moreira. PSG-Bordeaux wasn't bad either.
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15 March 2003
About PSG vs Bordeaux, Bordeaux are vey unlucky with the unjury of Laslandes in the 33', Chamakh in, Chamackh take a yellow card for a foul (39'), Chamack score at the (41') "0 - 1" and in the celebration remove its shirt, second yellow card = red card "lol"

Full time score (1 - 1)
Bordeaux play 9 versus 11, because after the 3 substitutions, the player Riera in at the 88'is wounded at the beginning of the prolongation...

after the 120' (3 - 1) for PSG
poor Bordeaux.. :roll:
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Professor Nutmeg said:
An interesting, if not different, official club photo from Marseille. (Don't you just want to punt that Roteiro in the middle? :lol: )

Curious photo. :shock:


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24 December 2002
Glasgow, Scotland
Rangers FC
Did anyone watch Nice vs Monaco tonight?

Doesn't sound the most appealing of matches and I'm not normally a fan of the French League but I decided to watch this tonight and my goodness, there were 2 of the best goals I've ever seen.

Nice 2-1 Monaco was the full time score but you have to see these goals...

1-1 - David Gigliotti (58')
2-1 - Ederson (66')



28 August 2004
Lille - Rennes
Marseille - Istres
Sochaux - Metz
and Auxerre - Toulouse ( :mryellow: ) tomorrow. Very tough game for the Violets, and probably one of the last opportunities on the road to Europe.(even if a lower rank -8 to 12- would also be much appreciated here in Toulouse)

Pr Nutmeg >> nice website. Glad to see the "Pitchounes" are known beneath the Channel. :mryellow:


Lyon win the Champions leage.....
that would be a suprise if juve are knocked out I hope you win.

Professor Nutmeg

ML Fanatic
3 July 2002
Master League
Did anyone see the PSG - Bastia game. It was played behind closed doors due to PSG fan trouble. Anyway, it was really eerie, an empty Parc des Princes. You could hear all the players shouting and calling etc, a bit like a training session, and when a goal went in, there was total silence, a bit like the Roma CL games. Odd indeed, and yet amusing.

...and the crowd go mild!
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