Lets hear it.. people what do you use..



Ok.. I've been losing alot of ONLINE games (WE9) and its totally my fault that I let my oponent score easy goals. Basicly it has to do with strategy. What do you guys use and what works best for you. Manual Semi-Auto etc.

Ive been playing with Semi-Auto for a while now.. have A1 Right Side Attack A2 Left side attack also L2 on opposite attack and finally A3 on counter attack..also I've set my formation to 3 defenders and I mostly play with 3 strikers.

My team is Liverpool so I have Cisse in the middle CF now should I put Morientes as another CF or RFW or leave it at SS and Kewel at LFW ?? I have Luis Garcia as my AMF and Riise at RMF.. then Gerrard as DMF.

What do you think about that.. so it basicly goes like this

Dudek (GK)

Finnan Carragher Hypia Traore



Luis Garcia

Morientes Kewell

So thats my formation.. now I need some tips on counter attacking from my wingmen..


Should Morientes be also at CF, SS or LFW ?
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Manual, but I dont use tactics in game, just attacking arrows, and defensive awareness to get my players to do around about what I want them to.
Conceding goals has nothing to do with in-game strategy choice, unless you use All-Out attack all the time, then maybe you could blame it.

You're main problem there, would be using Liverpool at all, they dont seem to play very well in WE9/PES5 even though they have some decent players. I'm not sure why either, but they always seem harder to play well or win with.
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