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Lift trick


I love lamp
18 March 2006
Well, just because something is repeatable doesn't mean it's not a bug. ;)

Seems you need to be in a pretty specific spot on the field for it to work aswell.


doesnt appear to be a bug at all, cos theres lots of videos of it, with different positions not same positions.


15 January 2005
the ronaldhino videos are mine it only happens 1 in 20 chances you have to get in position to do a backheel shot then press :square: and then :l1: not at the same time but right after


6 November 2006
This trick is listed in the tricks thread on this forum. It's not a bug.

My mate did it in top player mode the other day, it was a 2 player game. It was complete fluke, although it did look bloody amazing!
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